Adfonic’s European mobile ad marketplace

If you work in mobile marketing/advertising, chances are, your eyes are on Adfonic here in Europe.

Over to the seriously useful Farney Media for more information:

Adfonic launched a self-service mobile ad marketplace this week. The platform allows advertisers to build, execute, monitor and control campaigns.

Publishers have access to tools and real-time reporting and analytics to maximise their earning potential from mobile advertising.

Advertisers can bid on the mobile ad inventory, and price is dictated by supply and demand.

Mobile sites won’t be able to set a floor price on their ad inventory, but it is something Adfonic are keen to introduce.

Very, very interesting. If it gets the requisite attention, it could really change the mobile ad marketplace.

You can read Ciaran’s full post (and interview with Adfonic) here.

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