Is this every device in the 2009 Android pipeline?

It’s already been a great year for Android fans; the HTC Magic, Samsung i7500/Galaxy and HTC Hero have all impressed.  But what else can we expect to see this year?  Google are predicting 18 – 20 devices launched by the end of 2009 – so I thought it would be useful to do a round up of everything we know is in the pipeline so far:

1. The Samsung ‘Bigfoot’ (source Boy Genius Report)

Samsung’s second Android phone, the Bigfoot, is supposed to be launching sometime over the summer on T-Mobile USA – it will be a UMTS/HSDPA device.  It’s not yet clear whether/what other countries will also see the Bigfoot released.

Like the i7500/Galaxy the Bigfoot will come with an AMOLED touch screen display.  Unlike the i7500/Galaxy it supposedly has only a 3 megapixel camera and a very ‘interesting‘ colour scheme…

2. Motorola ‘Iron Man’ / ‘Heron’ (source Engadget)

Motorola are betting big on Android – the Iron Man / Heron is one of three devices they will release this year.

Originally planned to be powered by Windows Mobile this slider phone will apparently have a 2.8-inch touch screen, 3 megapixel camera with flash, aGPS, 3G and will be available on AT&T in the US around November time.  No word yet on other networks/countries.

3. Motorola ‘Calgary’ (source Boy Genius Report)

Not much is known about the Motorola Calgary, but design wise it looks very exciting.  Could this be the first Motorola phone to both look good and have a decent operating system?

The Calgary will be a swish looking QWERTY slider phone available around the end of this year on Verizon in the US (again no word on availability outside of the States).

4. Motorola ‘Morrison’
(source MiniSuit and Engadget)

Moto’s third Android phone, also due around the end of this year, is the somewhat ‘Fisher Price’ looking Morrison.

Like the Calgary, the Morrison will be a QWERTY slider style phone, probably running the Android ‘Donut’ release given it’s end of year release date.  The phone will defiantly be available on T-Mobile, featuring prominently the networks 2009 device roadmap.

5. & 6. Sony Ericsson ‘Rachel’ / ‘Rachael’ (source PCWorld and

Sony Ericsson are also getting into the Android market with the impressive looking Rachel (likely to be known as the Xperia X3) in the pipeline.  No launch date or network availability details are available for the Rachel at present, although it’s generally assumed it will be in the shops by Christmas.

The rumored device spec is very impressive; 1GHz Qualcom processor, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, 8.1-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash probably all running on version 2 of Android.  The UI also looks to be heavily customised – SE creating their own impressive looking (that’s a Youtube link) interface rivaling HTC’s sense.

LG ‘Eve’ / GW620 (source Android Central /

Anything Samsung can do LG also have to try… so it’s no surprise to see the LG Eve also in the pipeline for sometime later this year.  Details are really sketchy on this one – no pictures but found details of a 320 x 480 pixel touchscreen, UMTS/HSDPA 3G, QWERTY keyboard speced device on an LG product website recently.

HTC ‘Click’ (source UnwiredView)

After wowing us with the Hero what next for HTC?  Apparently something aimed more towards the entry level end of the market.  In the last few days news has just began to break on the HTC Click – an apparent low end Android phone likely to be due out in Europe by the end of the year.  No specs or pictures just yet, but after the Hero I can’t wait to see what else HTC have lined up.

Haier H7
As Ewan published a few weeks ago, the H7 is rumoured to be hitting the market in the early Autumn (September says Engadget). Here’s a snap of the Haier…

This is every device I’m aware of so far – is there anything else out there rumored or confirmed?

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