o2 offering Samsung i7500 Android handset from August

Wow, two Android scoops in one day!

After playing with, and being impressed by, the HTC Hero earlier today I decided to head to the shops after work on the off chance of finding out some news about the ‘missing in action’ Samsung i7500.

Today is the first Friday of the month you see – it’s when the new mobile catalogues hit the high street and when most stores find out what new handsets they’ll be getting to sell.

Like a lot of Android fans I’ve been waiting to see when the i7500 would hit the UK, so I was pretty excited to find this on page 6 of O2’s July catalogue. Talking to the guys in the store they confirmed they’re expecting it to be on sale in August.

So O2 will soon have the Android i7500, the iPhone, and if rumours are to be believed, the Palm Pre on offer. Quite an impressive device line up.

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