“A glass of prosecco on us when you dine”

I got this email flyer through today:

It’s from The Roebuck pub/restaurant on Chiswick High Road. I went there for lunch a few weeks ago and, whilst in the toilets (“restrooms”) read their flyer encouraging me to sign-up to find out about their special offers.

Unfortunately (for me, as a mobile geek) the instructions required me to visit their website later on to do this.

“GAHHHHH!” I thought to myself, “Why no mobile sign-up option? Or automatic list subscription via-mobile-browser?”

I eventually remembered to check out the website and signed-up. The food and the service was good.

Here, then, is the result of my efforts. If I take my wife down for a main course, Monday to Friday lunch/dinner, we’ll both get a free glass of prosecco. Nice.

To qualify I simply need to bring the email.

And that’s where my heart sank.

I was looking for some kind of mobile equivalent. Do I really still have to physically print something off, still?

I understand that this is probably the best way of ensuring every customer of The Roebuck can participate.

But here’s a question. On my Blackberry, you can see this flyer perfectly fine on screen. Do you think that would qualify? If I simply held my phone toward the waiter?

I have to confess that I think it would be UBER cool if the flyer simply said ‘show this on your phone’.

How many people wouldn’t participate, though, because they’ve got a bollocks handset that doesn’t *do* email properly? Fair point, fair point.

I’m interested as to why the management at The Roebuck haven’t implemented a mobile marketing system rather than email. Surely mobile is actually a more ubiquitous (and immediate/personal) system of contact than email?

Anyway, if you’re in Chiswick, London, and you’d like a free glass of prosecco this month, you know where to go.

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