Got a marketplace / business development post we should publish?

Last week I published a note from a reader who was on the hunt for a UK mobile aggregator and barcode/QRcode service provider. The response by email was fantastic — the reader was delighted and I think one or two of the people who emailed will be getting some good business from it.

(You can read the post here: Marketplace: UK aggregator and barcode service provider required for travel company.)

I want to see if we can repeat this.

If you’ve got a business development enquiry, email it to me and I’ll aim to publish it. The way I’ve been doing this is simply cutting and pasting your text, but not publishing your identity — useful and often required if you don’t want to talk publicly about your specific requirements.

Interested parties either comment on the post — or, what’s far-far-FAR more popular, is they email me, then I forward their mail to you. People still don’t like to post comments. That’s understandable when we’re talking about contracts and business opportunities.

So if you’ve got anything you’d like to try out — any requirements, demands, or actually, if you’re offering some services you’d like to get out to the MIR audience, let’s give it a go? No charge, of course.


By Ewan

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