MDTV Episode 18: MiFi 2352 mobile broadband hotspot

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You need a MiFi 2352 mobile broadband hotspot device. You just do, especially if you work in mobile development and you find yourself on-the-go regularly. Just pop a sim-card inside the MiFi and hit the button to start your personal hotspot. Up to five of your 802.11b/g devices can piggy-back on the MiFi’s data connection for up to four hours. Genius. Have a watch of the video and you’ll see just how smart it is.

You can pick one up for £209 from Expansys.

I’ll be bringing this to the MIR Mobile Mixer event next week if you’d like to play with it.

By Ewan

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15 replies on “MDTV Episode 18: MiFi 2352 mobile broadband hotspot”

3 Australia have the 3Spot software (aka JoikuSpot) for WiFi Nokia's that does the same thing. Except at a much, much cheaper price. And you can't forget it. Of course, you must be using a WiFi Nokia, and if you go, the hotspot goes too.

Similar but different. I guess both benefit from being charged by your laptop while in use via USB.


I want one! Immediately, I can think of hundreds of scenarios where this would come in handy. Great for collaborative working off-site (a.k.a. “let's take this work down the pub”).

5 questions:

How long is the battery life?
Can the mi-fi be password protected?
How much for the unit?
Will it work with any 3G SIM?
Where can I buy one?

Would love to see this at next Wed's MIR Mixer…

I used it for 2.5 hours continuously today at the pub. It lasted longer than my MacBook Air battery (fully charged). The packaging says 4 hours total use. I've yet to actually verify that.

I'll need to check the passwording issue.

It's £200 from Expansys. I think 3UK are launching either this product or another similar unit so it'll be a few quid a month from them at Christmas.

I think it'll work with any sim. I just put in the supplied o2 one. I'll try it with the Vodafone one.

In fact let's try that out tomorrow night. I'll definitely bring it!

hahaha no manuals! reminds me of that clip of ben and dan trying to use that portable printer!

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