Mobango has delivered half a billion content downloads

It’s been a little while since I last stopped by Mobango.

Last night at the MIR Mobile Mixer event in London, somebody mentioned them in conversation and I thought I should take a closer look.

Mobango, in case you need a refresher, is all about mobile content. They’ve done a ton of work to make it as easy as possible to get mobile content on your phone, share it and also store it online (with 1GB of free storage for every member).

The counter on their frontpage is pretty impressive:

I remember back in the day when Mobango launched and the average mobile user was plodding about the place with a rubbish, rubbish ‘feature phone’ Nokia that could do next to nothing. Playing with mobile content was a bit of a challenge then.

So half a billion downloads so far. Impressive. They’ve also got over 700,000 imags, 60,000 videos, 115,000 tunes, 3,500 games and 8,000 themes for people to sample. A big database.

What really caught my attention was their all new section. At least, new to me.


They’ve got a directory of 8,334 mobile applications ready to download. Clearly this is going to be a rather big area for the company. On the frontpage they’re featuring Nokia’s Ovi Store, Pocket Express EU and Vopium for Symbian.

They’ve also launched a developers area offering application developers the opportunity to publish and promote their wares. I’m going to see if I can find out more about this. Perhaps I can get someone from Mobango on camera for Mobile Developer TV to talk on this.


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