Spotify ‘makes more money than iTunes’ in Sweden

That was the headline of the piece I just read at Netimperative.

To clarify, they’re reporting that according to an interview this month in Swedish Wire with Per Sundin, Head of Universal in Sweden, said:

“In five months from the launch Spotify became our largest digital source of income and so passed by iTunes”, said Per Sundin, head of Universal in Sweden. “It’s a fantastic development explained by the fact that Spotify really has exploded”.

Fascinating stuff.

It’s not just Universal that are big fans:

“iTunes is going really well, but Spotify is growing rapidly. There are signs that a large number of illegal downloaders are turning to Spotify”, said Mark Dennis, head of digital sales at Sony in Sweden, to the TT news wire.

Of course, Universal and Sony, together with Warner, EMI and Merlin own almost 18% of Spotify. So you’d expect them to be highly positive.

This said, I look forward to Apple’s response.

By Ewan

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