“When will this app be free?” There’s an app for that!

I’m a half fan of this.  I like to see mobile developers make money, you see.

FreeAppAlert is a service that tells you when the app you’ve been wanting to buy — but weren’t prepared to pay for, becomes free.

Across the evolution of an application, you’ll often see an app released for $$$ before the price is lowered, and sometimes, it’s made free — especially if the developer’s after your eyeballs in return for ad revenue or another related metric.

Me? I’ll just keep on buying.

You can set up FreeAppAlert’s site to notify you via email, twitter, or RSS about the newest free iPhone apps, including those making the jump from behind a pay wall. If you don’t want to be bothered with notifications, you can browse the site by date when you’re in the mood to stock up on new apps.

via FreeAppAlert Notifies You When For-Pay iPhone Apps Become Free – Free – Lifehacker.

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