Help: Icelandic company wants to buy UK premium rate services

I’ve been sent another marketplace request this evening, this time from a company in Iceland.

They’ve got a thriving mobile sports messaging alerts service which, of course, runs on premium rate. They emailed to ask how the UK does business and I explained that it was eminently possible to contract with one company to provide premium rate connections to all UK networks.

Who would I suggest? Well I’ve got a few suggestions in mind that I’ve talked with them about — but I said I’d open it up to the readers.

If you’ve got a premium SMS connection for the UK, could you drop me a note by email or post a reply here? I’ll simply forward your email to the company directly.

Here’s an overview of what they’re looking to do:

We’re interested in your reverse billing sms service (Premium Rate SMS).

We are currently running a very successful goal alert SMS service in Iceland and we are interested in expanding our service to the UK market.

Following is the process that we use in Iceland and could you please tell us if you can provide us with the same service or something similar.

– The customer enters his personal info and mobile number on our web site
– We send a single signup confirmation code via SMS to his mobile (this SMS is free of charge for the customer)
– The customer enters the confirmation code and the registration is complete
– After that the customer can choose what alerts he likes to get and also stop alerts.

Goal alert
– Depending on the customers registration an SMS Goal Alert is sent to his mobile and he is charged for every SMS that he receives

Resign (“Unsubscribe”)
– The customer logs into our web site and can resign from there

Lost password
– If the customer has lost his password he can select to get the password via SMS.

So could you please tell us if this setup could work with your service.

Once again — if you’d like to help these guys, drop me a note and I’ll forward it directly to them. I’m

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