Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig super-annoyed by Blackberry ringing during performance

There is nothing more annoying that being sat in the theatre watching a riveting performance, only to have it rudely interrupted by some cock who’s left his mobile phone ringer on.

It’s happened a few times to me — and it’s invariably been an utter arse sporting a three year old Motorola RAZR.

It’s annoying when you’re watching… so it must be hugely, hugely irritating when you’re actually acting.

The Telegraph is reporting that Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman where deeply unimpressed last night when a phone rang in the stalls.

A smart person in the upper circle managed to capture the moment on video (sounded like a Blackberry ringtone to me).

Every handset has a ‘quiet’ mode… and many have a ‘vibrate’ mode. It’s not difficult to use it!

By Ewan

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