HulloMail could have helped Warren Buffett save Lehman Brothers

Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, knows a thing or two about investing money.

Sadly, he’s not quite up there with his Samsung handset.

Or, an alternative viewpoint: Samsung spectacularly failed him when the marketplace really needed his attention.

Did you catch this story? Here’s my rough assimilation of it. Bob Diamond, Chairman of Barclays Capital placed a call to the Sage’s mobile asking for assistance with a special type of insurance to help his company take over Lehman Brothers. And prevent a financial system melt-down.

The Sage was interested and asked our man Bob to fax him some more information and went about his business that evening.

At the end of the night, the Sage looked to see if there was a fax waiting.


There was no fax.

The Sage went to bed.

Barclays Capital never heard from the Sage. Lehman Brothers went under a few days later.

10 months later, Time Magazine reports that the Sage finally…

asked his daughter Susan about a little indicator he had noticed on the screen: “Can you figure out what’s on there?” It turned out to be the message from Diamond that he had been waiting for that night.

Deary me.

Now, if the Sage had been using HulloMail, he’d have got both a text message notification AND an audio attachment in his email immediately Bob called.

10 out of 10 for Andy and the HulloMail team for coming up with this related press release.

By Ewan

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