HulloMail’s Blackberry app makes their service even more valuable

I’ve been testing out the HulloMail Blackberry application for a little while now and I am thoroughly, thoroughly delighted.

The service, previous to the app, was still fantastic – but I found it ever so slightly annoying having to phone up to listen to messages in sequence. On my desktop, no problem, I just click ‘play’ from the email and I start hearing the audio.

The new HulloMail Blackberry app is a direct interface to your voicemails. Note that where possible, if the caller’s phone number is in my Google contacts, the caller’s name will be displayed.

To listen to a message I simply scroll to it and click. It plays. Brilllllliant. Like the iPhone voicemail system. I keep the app running in the background and switch to it whenever I need to. It’s fast, well designed — and I particularly like the fact I can update my greeting from the settings menu and return calls from the voicemail’s menu option.

If you haven’t yet evolved your voicemail facilities beyond your operator’s default service, take a strong look at HulloMail.

Posted via email from MIR Live

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