MyTokTok is generating buzz, keep an eye on it

Heard of MyTokTok?

I’m willing to bet half of the MIR audience will have heard of them and will be nodding sagely as they read. The other half won’t have come across the service yet.

It’s currently in invite-only beta — you can sign-up to be first in line when the open it up though.

What’s it do? Well, think Google Voice. One number to rule them all. But think broader than that now. First of all, MyTokTok works directly with your Google Contacts. Tell it to ‘Call Ewan’ and it’ll look up the entries in your address book and present you with the relevant options (or simply call Ewan if there’s only one option.)

But, provided you’re using MyTokTok to place and receive your calls, you can schedule appointments and check your schedule during a call. This sounds really cool. You simply say ‘toktok’ (a bit like saying ‘COMPUTER, Tea, Earl Grey, Hot’ in Star Trek). That activates the TokTok system during your call. Then you say ‘schedule meeting with Ewan for 4pm Monday’ and — provided you don’t have a weird mixed Scottish accent like me, TokTok will interpret the message accurately and setup the appointment in your Google calender. NICE.

And if the recipient/caller is also using TokTok, they’ll get the entry added to their calendar too. And get the confirmation email.

Conferencing is as simple as saying ‘Toktok call Ewan’ and so on.


Of course you can use the service as an aid memoir too, to remember ideas, reminders or phone numbers.

Just how well will it perform with a mixed Scottish/English accent like mine? That remains to be seen. And will it work outside the USA? I’m not sure yet. I’m going to find out. More on this soon.

For now, the site’s at

By Ewan

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Ok I like the sound of this. Off I go to the sign up page. Find the link to “request” an ivite or something like that. And then it totally fails to accept my mobile number, being a Finnish one, in any sort of international or national format. Not all surprised, and this will not put me off keeping in an eye it, to see what it is like when it opens up more. Thanks Ewan!

Hi, yes unfortunately we don't have a short term plan to support toktok outside the US. But thanks for your positive comments and we look forward to being able to bring toktok to other countries.

Transcription for voicemail and call recording will be offered in both machine only, similar to Google Voice, and human assisted options. It will be fully optional feature. All other voice interactions, like for dialing, conference calling and web interaction are fully automated IVR.

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