T-Mobile UK customers roaming in the USA: 55p –> 120p/min

I caught this shocking post by Stefan (via Ilicco) over at IntoMobile about T-Mobile doubling the USA roaming cost for their UK customers.

Just how bad is it set to become? Well, see the table below for the official T-Mobile UK roaming details…


£1.20 a minute?

It does, disappointingly, bring them into line with what Vodafone UK charge:

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10 replies on “T-Mobile UK customers roaming in the USA: 55p –> 120p/min”

I thought if price rises were outside of a specific %, then it gave consumers grounds to terminate their contracts? Surely a 100% hike is good enough reason to tell T-Mo to Foxtrot Oscar……

Radically reduces the chances that I'll be getting a T-Mobile contract.
Oh well, I rather liked the look of the G1.

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