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AdMob: 10% of UK smartphones are running Android

You know AdMob, the chaps who serve billions of mobile advertisements every month?

Well they’ve been publishing a metrics report every month for quite a while and it makes absolutely fascinating reading.

It is my no means illustrative of the market as a whole — they can obviously only track the users who’re visiting mobile sites featuring their ads — but nevertheless it’s a brilliant indication of what a section of the mobile population is doing with their devices.

You can get the metrics reports free here:

Here’s some interesting points from the latest report:

AdMob’s most recent mobile metrics report revealed that:
– The Android OS now has seven per cent market share globally
– 10 per cent of smartphones in the UK now run the Android OS
– HTC Dream, which uses the Android OS, is the second most popular mobile phone for surfing the mobile web in the UK, after the Apple iPhone
– Android is growing rapidly in North America and Western Europe. The HTC Magic is a Top 10 smartphone in both North America and Western Europe
– The HTC Dream handset is ranked fourth globally


An AdMob study of 1000 mobile phone users revealed that:
– Android users download 9.1 apps a month on average
– iPhone users download 10.2 apps a month on average
– iPod Touch users download 18.4 apps a month on average

It’s a fascinating time for the industry.

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