Newsletter: Got a special deal for our readers?

The first weekly Mobile Industry Review newsletter arrives tomorrow. I’m busy working away on it and I hope it’ll be well received.

We’re including a really good special offer for readers from press release distribution geniuses, RealWire. If you’re in the middle of doing some marketing — or if you have some coming up, I reckon it should be useful.

I’m wondering if any other business readers out there would like to offer the newsletter subscribers a special offer. 10% off or something like that. Or, ‘your first [something] free if you buy [something else]’.

You don’t have to be selling widgets to be included. So if you’re offering consultancy, ad-buying services, accountancy services — anything that you think the MIR readers might be interested in — knock out a special offer.

I need it in a format like this:

Ewan from Mobile Industry Review is offering 20% off his [whatever] for any customers who use the code ‘MIR200’ for the next 48 hours.

Something like that.

If you’ve got anything you’d like included, drop me a note. I’m

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