The iPhone-powered heads-up-display Google Map for cyclists

Tom Chivers in today’s Telegraph features a rather interesting addition to the world of cycling. There are some particularly keen cyclists amongst the readers of Mobile Industry Review (notably, the chaps from Esendex who regularly cycle the length and breadth of the country) so I’ll be interested to see what they think of this innovation.

The concept is simple. Connect your iPhone display to a heads-up-display or head-mounted-display unit that you can peer at with one eye.

Zeptotools, the chaps behind the ‘ARider’ concept, used a T3-A unit from Scalar Corporation as they describe here. And here’s a pic:

They sellotaped this to a bike helmet and plugged it into an iPhone.

Job done.

They modified the cycle helmet a little by sticking the iPhone on the top of it like so:

I both thoroughly approve (of the overt display of a decent handset) and thoroughly disapprove, having been phone-jacked of my N95 a while ago, I think it would be reasonably simple for a tall chappy to grab the iPhone off the helmet.

Anyway. I like the concept.

What’s it look like?

Have a look at the video here:

What do you think?

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12 replies on “The iPhone-powered heads-up-display Google Map for cyclists”

I love the 'rob me'/'rain on me'/'crash on top of me' positioning of the handset. I'm guessing you could also catch up on episodes of Lost while you're cycling. Commuter carnage!

Firstly, get off the pavement. Nong.

I don't see why the iPhone needed to be on top at all. Why not in a jacket pocket or bag? The GPS isn't that bad that it needs to be on top.

That said, if this was for sale as a plug-in accessory with an extension cable, I'd have one. Maybe. Well, probably not. Distance perception is kinda important when cycling, and you could mount the iPhone on the handlebars easily enough and glance down at it.

Looks interesting, although I would like to be able to see out my right eye while cycling.

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