SpinVox dead, Nuance rumoured to be taking control

Well we can almost rest easy.

SpinVox — the world’s most ridiculous company — is dead.

Well, not quite.

There’s a deal in the works — so reports Dan Matthews at RealBusiness who goes on to say that The London Times reckons SpinVox is ready to be flogged for $150m to Nuance.

The founders, the management team and the previous load of shareholders are also rumoured to get nothing. Zilcho. Nada.

We move on.

Nice one, Nuance.

By Ewan

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7 replies on “SpinVox dead, Nuance rumoured to be taking control”

What happened to SpinVox and why are they “the world’s most ridiculous company”?

Oh, I just read the Times note and I remember the issue over the summer. Yep, very ridiculous indeed 😉

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