Today’s newsletter is about the next step for mobile

As I stand at the tube station at Turnham Green (District Line), I am writing today’s ‘big bit’ in the newsletter. Last night I completed the rest of the bits — but if you’re hoping to be in the newsletter this week, drop me a note and I will confirm. I always hover over the send button trying to remember if there was anyone I forgot to include. Do remind me!

I used to write the newsletter’s big bit sat with a glass of wine and some banging trance playing in the background. But lately I’ve taken to writing it — initially — via the BlackBerry standing amongst the iPhone-toting commuters heading into London.

If you’re not on the newsletter list, get on it here. (And if you work at British Telecom, don’t worry, I have avoided the use of some classic naughty words so you should get the newsletter this week.)

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