Flight Control iPhone app reaches 2 million downloads and reveals stats

113 planes landed on Flight Control

Congratulations are thoroughly well deserved for the Firemint team, makers of Flight Control. It’s still on my iPhone and now and again, I see if I can beat my score. I think the most I’ve ever managed was 243 but I know that many people have got scores well in advance of it.

The game is one of those apps that ‘sells’ the iPhone. The amount of times I’ve brought it out to show an interested normob! They usually end up transfixed for a good five minutes or so before deciding they want an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Here’s what the Firemint team had to say:

Less than a year ago, on 5 March 2009, we launched Flight Control on the App Store. Three months later, we had sold 1 million copies. Today we’re proud to announce that after 324 days, on 23 January 2010, Flight Control sold the 2 millionth download – that’s over 6,000 sales per day on average! We had particularly big days on 28 and 29 March 2009 when Flight Control suddenly exploded up the charts, with over 30,000 copies sold each day. Even 9 months after release, Christmas Day 2009 was also a great day with over 20,000 copies sold – many probably going to happy new owners of an iPhone or iPod touch!

Here in the UK we’ve bought almost 20% of the 2 million copies, with the United States accounting for a whopping 46% of sales — here’s a breakdown:

What do the sales per week look like for an iTunes App Store best seller? Here we go:


There’s a little more information from Firemint on their related post here: http://firemint.com/?p=707

  • Who said that there is no money in mobile apps?

  • Indeed. There's gold in tham thar hills.

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