HulloMail: A trip down memory lane

Just in case you’re wondering where HulloMail comes from, I thought I’d re-post this old Mobile Industry Review video from yonder. It was first published on the 10th of November, 2008 — so it’s well over a year old — but in it, you can see the top man at HulloMail, Andy Munarriz, give us a super overview of what they were intending doing (they’d only just launched).

It’s good to see a company telling us what they were intending doing — then a year later revisiting to see that, yes, indeed, they’ve delivered! Good work HulloMail! Check them out at

It’s also good to see the olde MIR TV chaps on the show — in fact the interview with Andy was conducted by none other than James Whatley. I *loved* that MIR introduction, I really did… ROLL CREDITS!

Here’s the video:

MIR Show – Week 45 – Andy Munarriz of HulloMail from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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I've been using hullomail now for a month now and its been great. I was a former spinvox user which I had enjoyed but recently the voice transcriptions had become very hit and miss.

The problem i've found with hullomail is that on s60 (n97 user) hullo mail can't get access to your contacts so when you get a voicemail it doesn't say who it is. I understant it does this on the blackberry and iphone so why not s60! 🙁

Is there a work around to this? I am a googlemail user btw.

If you can sync your s60 contacts with google contacts then you can also have contacts resolved. To enable Google Contact Sync from HulloMail please go to our WEB self care portal login and go to the Contacts tab and select contact source as Google.

You will prompted to authenticate with Google using OAuth UNLESS you have message sync enabled with googlemail already (see email tab) in which case you wont require any further authentication.

If you have any further questions or its not clear – please do drop an email to

Hullo Ross,
HulloMail integrates with google sync contacts on the server side. We'll check to see if goog sync for s60 between mobile and google has one way settings and get back to you..

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