The LG TV that’s as thin as a £1 coin

I was pretty impressed to read about the new LG OLED TVs that are on their way. Obviously the ramifications of the technology for the mobile marketplace are significant, particularly if you can overlay a functional touchscreen on top to create a 21″ 0.25cm thin ‘tablet’.

My interest in the new range of LG TVs is personal too. I’ve been due a television upgrade for years. When I got my place in Euston, London, a while ago, I’d just got together — formally — with my wife and we had begun the long road to marriage, which, as is generally acknowledged, involves quite some degree of compromise. On the part of the male, of course.

I took my future wife shopping to PC World. Or Currys. One of those retail places. I intended spending about 500 pounds on a good TV. But I was secretly well up for being sold a huge big ‘entertainment system’ at well over £1,000. I was hoping for an enterprising sales chap to convince us both.

My heart fell when my future wife pointed with delight at some bollocks 19″ flat-panel Sony. She commented that it looked really attractive. I thought it was ridiculously small. In her previous residence she got by with a TV of a similar size. I’m by no means blind, but if I’m going to spend a bit of time watching TV, I want to be able to see it. BIG. We began a series of negotiations, with me pointing to the big big BIG TVs whilst she looked at me strangely.

Her contention was that a big TV would spoil the lines of the room at my place. Given she was moving in, I gave due deference to her perspective.

It’s a fair point.

But then again, friends of mine have 32″ flat-panels in their KITCHENS. Their KITCHENS!

I thought she was also having an issue with cost. Since we were moving in together, you know, wouldn’t that money I was intending blowing on a TV be better used buying bed sheets?

We ended up with a mega-compromise.

A 32-inch Poloroid flat-panel TV for £349. It does have two HDMIs and I had to immediately replace the rubbish speakers with set of JBL Creature speakers I had hanging around.

It is OK.

A friend of ours who has a management position at Currys (and, of course, has a flippin’ massive, gorgeous, shiny proper-brand TV) couldn’t quite believe we’d bought a Poloroid. It’s an utter embarrassment from a branding perspective.

But it does work.

And the wife and I are now in agreement. Big TVs are the way ahead — because, as she often points out, they’re critical to allow proper viewing of the dresses on Strictly Come Dancing.

I have, thus, gently begun a little look around for a replacement, 32″ minimum.

And I think one of these LG OLEDs will do nicely. They launch in the UK toward the end of the year at 15″. But there will be much bigger sizes by next year. Nice.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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Polaroid?! You wouldnt buy a mobile without reading a review, always worth checking

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