Vodafone delivers 50,000 iPhones today

Pre-orders for Vodafone’s iPhone have reached the magic 50,000 mark, I’m told by Vodafone PR. This is very healthy and good news for the marketplace.

It’s also a marked contrast to the (rumoured) 50 pre-orders of the Samsung H1 360.

The iPhone: 1,000 times more in demand than 360. And rightly so.

Here’s Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK CEO:

Quoting from Vodafone’s announcement moments ago:

[He] confirmed [Vodafone] would be delivering over 50,000 iPhones to customers on its first day of selling the device. He said the main reason for the exceptional demand was customers wanting to use the phone on its outstanding network.

(I also think it’s because a lot of pained Vodafone customers have been waiting a long time to get the iPhone and are quite excited to finally get them!)

By Ewan

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3 replies on “Vodafone delivers 50,000 iPhones today”

So when it comes time to bash Vodafone 360 you'll take your time to write an essay the size of a book. But when the big boys smash a record for iPhone sales you'll write 4 lines? WTF.

iPhone is the phone. Nothing compares to it. That's why these are indeed great news for Vodafone UK users..

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