Are all iPhone users lefty-flip-flop-wearing hippies?

A recent study highlighted by Will Heaven in the Telegraph claims that your choice of smartphone is a strong indicator of your basic politics. Apparently iPhone users are more likely to be ‘lefties’ and BlackBerry users more likely to be ‘right-wing’.

What then, does it mean, if you carry a BlackBerry, a Nokia, an iPhone and a Motorola Droid? Confused? 😉

  • Vlad The Impatient

    Reeks of “wherever there’s a Waitrose your MP’s Tory” (which may even be true).

    But, what is implied is implication, i.e. it does nto necessarily hold true the other way around. I consider myself a “leftie”, but would not be seen dead with an iPhone or a Blackberry. But then, I’m a geek, too.

    Go figure… 😉

  • Hey Ewan, love this article, very amusing. Not sure it’s qutie true though….

  • jayceedee

    A clear case of multiple OS disorder.

  • rafeblandford

    Means you are as mad as a hatter. Either than of you are a politician. Or possibly both.

  • Yes.

  • NickD

    Muggers Delight.

  • There a ton of Waitrose stores now though?

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