Help: Smartphone OS marketshare for 2009 Europe vs USA

A question in from one of the MIR readers this afternoon:

Hi ewan
a quick question for you.

im trying to find a breakdown of smartphone OS market share for 2009 for europe vs US. basically comparing, symbian with apple, rim, windows mobile and android. i cant seem to find a european or us breakdown. i can find lots of global numbers but i know that US and europe are different (mainly the fact that nokia has no presence in the US). i just need something pretty simple.

do you have something you can send to me?


I wrote back saying that I don’t have any precise statistics — do you have any to hand? Or any suggestions where I can point the reader?

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Sort of, but it wouldn't accurately reflect market share, it just reflects devices viewing the mobile websites which admob ads happen to be on, which can be radically different to sales and usage. Still useful for other things tho 🙂

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