Lee Williams video fest coming up!

From the feedback I’ve been getting I know that many readers are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to see Lee Williams, the Executive Director of Symbian, riffing on the future of Symbian on video over the past few weeks. I’m pleased to say we’ve a lot more where those came from.

In the next few minutes we’ll be publishing Lee talking with major Symbian open-source contributor, Sasken and DeviceAnywhere. We actually recorded these on-site on Tuesday morning at Mobile World Congress.

Meanwhile back in London we asked Lee what he thought of the Android platform — and whilst he was perfectly civil, he was careful to point out the critical issue with Android — that it benefits Google, Google and thrice Google. Of course, handset manufacturers and operators haven’t been doing too badly, which is fine, as long as their objectives align entirely with those of Google. Standby, I’ll be publishing in a moment.

By Ewan

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