Video: Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki on N97 issues: “I can put my sleepless nights behind me”

Here is the first in a series of videos of the interview that Rafe and I filmed at Mobile World Congress last week featuring Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President of Markets. And he means business.

Part 1 below is all about the N97. Anssi specifically wanted to deal with that first before we got on with the rest of the interview.

Watch this video and see what you think, I’m going to post my view of the video shortly.

Sites that have picked up the story so far:
Tietokone (Finnish Computer Magazine)
Talouselama (Finnish Business trade press)
DigiToday (Finland’s online business paper)

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6 replies on “Video: Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki on N97 issues: “I can put my sleepless nights behind me””

There's a transcript >a href=””>here for those that want it.

Okay, people don't want long remedies again and Nokia did said they learned and they have the quality control process stable for the next phone. Next interview should be on China manufacturing, specifically the dust issue on many eseries products (

So does this mean the current firmware for N97 is 'perfect'? It isn't ….

Or does it mean there is another revision around the corner that Norway has beta tested for the rest of us?

I appreciate Anssi's honesty, but it's still too little too late. We need actions not words!

We need state-of-the-art hardware (capacitive screens across the board) in addition to Nokia's strengths (awesome cameras). We need Symbian ^3 ASAP, but fully tested and polished. We need MeeBo refined ASAP. We need deals with carriers in the US – starting with the X6.

All very well, but I spent £500 on something which never worked at the capacity it was advertised as doing. I’d like my money back – as, I’m sure, would many other N97 owners. I don’t see Nokia actually trying to remedy this aspect at all, and I don’t see why this hasn’t been picked up by the Advertising Standards Authority as it’s a clear breach. Particularly not impressed to hear him saying how pleased they were about how many shipped and how much money they made!

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