Video: Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki talks Symbian, MeeGo and kills the N95 form factor

Ok, so he doesn’t actually kill the form factor — but in a question in part 2 of our Anssi Vanjoki coverage (see part 1), Rafe did ask if he could see a future in the N95 slider/candbybar format. I don’t for a minute think Nokia will ever stop producing those kind of devices, especially for the developing markets, but Anssi’s answer reveals a heck of a lot about what we can expect from Nokia in the future.

Anssi also goes into some detail about how Symbian fits into the Nokia ecosystem — his answer is a fascinating one. If you’re still thinking Nokia are about to dump the platform, think again. As Anssi points out, the platform is going to continue to be integral to the company’s success, particularly given the fact that MeeGo and Symbian will have Qt and common web runtime as the unifying layer for 85% of application and service development. I’m particularly excited to see what developers will make of this.

Have a watch:

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Not fractured, like Android?

I like and respect Anssi – he should be running the company. Nokia just needs to deliver now. No more roadmap plans or possible service blah blah. Just do it.

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