Sony Ericsson: Stupid and Genius!

Who was it at Sony Ericsson that decided to more or less drop all but a passing mention of their developer efforts from their launch announcement on Sunday?

With the current obsession over mobile applications, you really do have to wonder precisely why the PR team at Sony Ericsson decided not to bother to pitch developers on their one big opportunity to ‘face the [mobile] nation’.

Instead the issue of supporting, engaging and working with mobile developers was relegated — well, no, actually, it wasn’t relegated, it was virtually erased from the line-up.

I had expected to see Christoper Martin, Sony Ericsson’s talented Developer Relations head honcho up on stage during the Sony Ericsson launch standing next to Sir Howard Stringer.

Christopher is, by the looks of it, fighting an up-hill battle with the know-nothing internal management at Sony Ericsson. Whilst they have delivered some tip-top devices (more on that later) at the show, you’d be forgiven for assuming that they will be arriving with fluck all applications pre-installed.

Rafe and I had to literally grab a handset at the launch party to find out what they were pre-installing. Giving the odd nod to developers at such a high profile event is simply ridiculous.

So, that was the ‘stupid’ reference.

I hope the developer relations team at Sony Ericsson, headed up by David, get a much needed shot-in-the-arm from the top level management at the company. I’m looking forward to dropping in on the Sony Ericsson AppPlanet event tomorrow afternoon.

Now to the ‘genius’ reference.

In fact, I’m going to put that in another post…

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