Swype, the new text-input method is looking very good

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At MobileFocus this evening, we popped by the Swype stand and had a look. We first saw the Swype founder Cliff Kushler demonstrate a really alpha version of the text input system back at CTIA in 2008 (See the end of this video). Fast forward a year and a half and it’s not integrated into an array of handset platforms. We caught a demonstration of the system working on a Samsung i8910 running Symbian but it’s working on Windows Mobile and Android too.

It’s all very well seeing the demo — could Rafe actually use the system immediately without any training? We found out… Have a watch of the video below…

By Ewan

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One reply on “Swype, the new text-input method is looking very good”

My partner and I have had Swype in our HTC HDs for a few months now, he loves and I hate it as I have to big thumbs 😉 .. the concept is brilliant but when you regularly type email/text in more than one language, you need something more intuitive/easier to switch languages easily.

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