The Pay As You Go data revolution

The Pay As You Go data revolution, originally uploaded by smstextnews.

In the Dixons technology shop at Heathrow Airport today I was delighted to see these PAYG broadband USB sticks hanging near the laptops. The package was cheap as chips. I really wish other countries would duplicate this kind of offer, especially in North America.

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By Ewan

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One reply on “The Pay As You Go data revolution”

Tell me about it. I'm off to NYC on hols in April and thought no problem – I'll get a PAYG sim but hit a few issues
* PAYG itself doesn't seem so easy to find in US (on the web sites)
* Mobile data barely features on any of the web pages/tariffs – really needs digging around
* Eventually T-mobile flexpay (1 month no contract) seemed best bet but still 60 USD+taxes, and no idea on what limits are provided.

So glad I live in a country that has a thriving competitive mobile market!

Frankly I just don't get it. Civilized? Nope.

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