This made me want to buy an N900

By Ewan

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iDo make it easy to read your email.
iDo work reliably with Exchange.
iDo have a load of apps to use right now.
iDo allow you to work in portrait and landscape.
iDo fit in your pocket.
iDo have decent desktop sync software.
iDo allow you to wipe the device and start again (or sell it).
iDo have Twitter clients. Proper ones you actually want to use.

What a pile of toss… The N900 is not an iPhone competitor – they are not even remotely targetted at the same people and this is as dumb as all the arguments that anti-Nokia people levelled at the N900 when it launched.

iPhone – Polished consumer experience.
N900 – Open, promising, exciting hacker's dream and mobile geek's powerhouse.



Hi Ben — you are right. For example, you can't accept meeting invites using Mail for Exchange on N900.

Impressive as it is in some ways, I'm not sure Nokia really knows what it's trying to do with N900 and Maemo/Meego. Maybe it goes to the smartbook / tablet / iPad / slate form-factor.

That said, the screen resolution and browser are fantastic. It'll run more or less any video/audio file. The keyboard's pretty good, the multitasking is good/acceptable.

I will stick with it a while. There are more polished set-ups around, but not sure there's anything better on the market in the UK (err… apart from 3GS, I guess)

It's a statement of intent. A geek's device… and in that role it's hugely impressive. But it's not ready for consumers and the people from Nokia with their heads screwed on say so. The problem is the marketingtards have got all excited by the enthusiasts' reaction and now are trying to sell it to the wrong people (see CPW marketing and big adverts on the Tube).

I would have kept mine as a secondary device if it wasn't so expensive relative to the amount of time I could play with it… I tried it as my main handset and it just required a few too many compromises (unsurprisingly when considered next to ultra mature platforms like Blackberry where I'm currently at).

In terms of second or third devices, we'd be better served, I think, if UK operators offered multi-SIM accounts such that I could pick up either phone and have it on the same number and data plan.

Then I could take one device to, say, work, and pick up another for, say, a hiking trip. But I'd have a single number and data plan. T-Mobile Germany offers this (via their IN infrastructure).

Do any of the major UK operators offer such a service to the consumer?

Hi Ewan, next time link back to the product page at the Nokia site. I have to leave the MIR site now, Google for Nokia n900, to arrive at the nokia site and find out more…

This mobile phone is really the top priority for me right now. By the way. Does anybody know how much time the battery last?

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