Video: Checking out the Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet

As I walked around the MobileFocus event last week I spotted this rather swanky 5-inch Dell Mini 5 tablet unit on the Dell table. The chap behind the table obliged us with a hands-on demo. It’s just a preview unit but goodness me it’s looking gorgeous.

It really did look highly attractive — and whilst it’s definitely not an iPad, I could imagine using one of these around the house and for work, especially if it was competitively priced.

What do you think? Would you have one of these Android devices?

Also: Check out this interview at Laptop Mag with the Mini 5 creator.

By Ewan

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One reply on “Video: Checking out the Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet”


The one thing that perplexes me on the iPad is the size. It seems too big for my likings. I have my small screen phone and I have my netbook. Shouldn't the iPad be in the middle in screen size?

I can't figure out why I would have the iPad over a netbook. Now, IF the iPad was say 5 to 7 or so inches, you have something. But I don't see myself carrying around an $800 iPad when I could have a netbook at half the price…

I think what Apple has done to our industry is fantastic and most definitely revolutionary. I believe the iPad will be a huge success. But I also believe this little Dell Mini Tablet might have more of a go as per it's size and may have figures something out.

Usability? I like smaller, but a bigger screen. This doesn't look so bad…


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