A private video & photo account for *JUST* the family?

So, baby en route, I need a facility to be able to publish photos and video up to a site that will only allow relatives and a few friends to be able to access it.

Flickr has some good facilities for managing friends & family access, but rather limited video support (i.e. 90 seconds maximum). That’s simply not enough when we’re talking about videos of our little darling.

Do you have any suggestions of a service I should be looking at? Ideally something that’s got iPhone app support so the wife and parental units can easily publish… AND access.

Is it too much to hope that some smart cookie has realised that parents and grand-parents, siblings and friends need a cool way to share this kind of only-relevant-to-family content? And is it too much to hope that updates can be pushed to parents’ iPhones so there’s *nothing* for them to do other than dote over the new arrival’s every burp, chirrup and grin?

Requirements: Photos. Video. Mobile upload support. Looks beautiful (web 2.0ish), smart management of friends/family access.

Any suggestions?

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