Amplicom M6000 launches for your mums, dads and others 65+

The all new Amplicom M600 hits the marketplace shortly priced at £99 (pay as you go).

Do consider this for your mums, dads, grannies and so on.

Here are the details from the release:

For those who want simplicity, the PowerTel M6000 has SMS text message, a 500-memory phone book, Bluetooth and loud hands-free speaker.

The big buttons combat dexterity or visual problems. Whilst people with hearing loss will benefit from the extra loud ringer (up to +100 dB), extra loudspeaker (up to +30 dB) and powerful vibrating alert.

Two crucial features, the “Man Down” fall detector and hidden “SOS” panic button will bring peace of mind to those who are vulnerable. Both activate hands-free operation and pre-programmed emergency numbers until a response is received. Three dedicated quick dial buttons also help in an emergency.

The large clear 4.3 cm colour screen has big easy to read fonts and the keypad has an automatic lock.
With a desktop charger the M6000 is Hearing Aid Compatible so great for those with Hearing Loss. The phone is ready for use on any network with Pay As You Go SIM card or contract billing.

You can pick them up at

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