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Fear the Googlepipe

The nice chaps at Mobile Entertainment magazine ran my ‘Fear The Googlepipe‘ opinion-piece yesterday morning. Did you catch it?

It’s based on a post I did a little while ago about the launch of the arrival of the Nexus One and what that could mean for your common-or-garden mobile operator. I say ‘based’, but the guys at Mobile Entertainment — proper media — have sprinkled some editorial dust and turned the original wail into a half decent looking piece. Thank you ME!

Here’s the first bit…

Well that was a day to remember. The day Google got stuck into mobile merchandising and nailed the mobile operator to the wall.

That’s it: thank you for coming, mobile operators! You did your best. But now you’ve been ‘owned’.

That’s it: thank you for coming, mobile operators! You did your best. But now you’ve been ‘owned’.

Well, maybe not yet. But do look out for the big G. With the Nexus One, Google has ushered in an entirely new way of buying a consumer handset: from its website in six clicks. Shit! Is it that simple?

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Thank you to the delicious people who retweeted it — including the Infomob chaps, Mitcan, SLAMobile, Peggy Anne, Martin Wilson, Radek and MEF.

By Ewan

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5 replies on “Fear the Googlepipe”

Ah, the irony. The Register's just stuck up the embarrassing stat that the Nexus One has sold 135,000 in 74 days and even that's skewed by all the free ones they've given away to employees and at conferences.

The Nexus One is basically a fail. And the mobile industry jumped on and lapped up the hype, as usual. Snore. Android too is MILES behind everything else, with about 7m sales last year vs. e.g. Symbian's 88m.

Once again we find that where mobile is concerned hype is inversely proportional to success (i.e. reality).

I'd like to see the actual sales stats from Google. I think it's fantastic marketing by Flurry to keep on releasing these estimates — but I'd rather have a solid 'we shipped X'

Especially as their estimates make no sense – “Flurry tracks devices using analytics software embedded in applications downloaded to roughly 80 per cent of all iPhone and Android handsets” – how on earth do they know what percentage they are tracking, when they're not tracking the handsets that they're not tracking?!

If this is true, 1 in 5 UK smartphones are now Android, and rising damn fast.

“Android market share increased from under two per cent to nearly seven per cent of the total mobile phone market in the UK during the same four-week period.”

5% growth in *4 WEEKS*?

Even if it was half, or quarter that, it would still be bloody amazing.


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