Help: UK lawyer with mobile experience required

Got this in from a reader who’s on the hunt for a lawyer:


Can anyone out there recommend a lawyer that specialises in the mobile space? I’ve a had a UK company ask me that question and I thought that someone out there is bound to be able to help.


What firm/lawyer do you recommend?

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Hi. I'd be delighted to help. I am the head of the telecoms practice at specialist technology law firm Kemp Little LLP. One of the main legal guides says of me “Group head Mike Conradi wins respect for his “ability to grasp complex technical points quickly,” and for his “skill in navigating through the constraints of a tough regulatory environment”. I am the editor of the Communications Law Handbook (

More about me at

contact me: mike.conradi AT

I would be happy to try and assist. I have had substantial experience in various mobile businesses from start ups to major consumer mobile retailers and am a partner in GSC Solicitors LLP, a Legal 500 Rated Firm. You can contact me at cjhalperin AT


I would love to help. I have worked in this space for some years. My name is Jonathan Camerron and my firm is Simons Muirhead & Burton, based in Soho so more competitively priced than other firms. My DD is 020 3206 2743. I would be happy to provide references from clients in this sector.



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