ipadio: Almost got an iPhone Full House on the tube

By Ewan

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2 replies on “ipadio: Almost got an iPhone Full House on the tube”

I have noticed a big change at work recently as well. I am in telecoms, specifically mobile, and most people have BlackBerry's supplied by employers. However, iPhones are absolutely everywhere now and there seems to be a trend for so many to have both a BB and an iPhone. The strange thing is that the number of iPhones has increased hugely in the past 2 months and doesn't seem to be stopping.

Puts paid to the argument voiced a while ago in some (stupid) quarters that in the UK, 'everyone who wanted an iPhone had already bought one' — total bollocks. Congratulations to Vodafone and Orange. I think the fact you can get a FREE iPhone (admittedly on an excruciating 24-month contract) is really contributing.

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