Make something like this Nokia, and the game is afoot!

That there is the next Nokia handset — the X9 — supporting 720p quad LED, microSD, HDMI, dual mini USB, AMOLED screen…

No wait…

Alas, it’s just a concept.

Yup, it’s made-up — but it’s a really-good made-up set of images. It’s been published by the chaps over at Greek technology site, Pestaola and I picked it up from via Chanse.

As MobileLivingRoom points out, this handset is technically feasible.

I hope that Nokia are working on something like this. Something fit for the ‘i’ generation. Something that, when you put it next to a (rather old looking) iPhone 3GS, it doesn’t look like it was conceived in the Bronze Age.

Bring it on.

I’d have one of those X9s, definitely.

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One reply on “Make something like this Nokia, and the game is afoot!”

My gut feeling is that, in that particular form factor, anything larger than the vivaz should now automatically go into the design trash bin.

What kind of a mass market idea is “dual mini USB”, really?

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