Ordering Pizza tonight? Check out Papa’s Mobile Web App

Ever since I was astounded to hear just how much revenue Pizza Hut was doing through their iPhone app, I’ve had my eye out for news from the other worldwide pizza chains to see what they’re planning from a mobile perspective.

papa johns mobile web order

Recently I got a note through from Papa Johns who, instead of going iPhone-App-crazy like most companies, decided to make a mobile web version (or “mobile web app” version”) that will work on most handset browsers, particularly the iPhone.

I thought I’d give it a go last week as I’m a fan of the old Papa Johns (do try them as a change from Dominos or Pizza Hut, if they’ve got a store nearby). The big problem with mobile web is charging.

Well, come to that, charging for pizza via an iPhone app is a bit of an arse too since nobody has yet stepped up to the plate and offered a decent solution that’s applicable for physical products rather than mobile consumed content.

But at least on an app, you can store your credit card details (typically on the online accoutn). Unfortunately Papa Johns requires you to type in your card details — this, I’m sure, must grate with quite a few users.

But I kept at it. I logged in to my account via the iPhone browser, then I selected from my previous orders and chose one or two options. I reviewed my order and then hit ‘go’. I was led through the normal process and then typed in my card details — surprisingly easy, especially when you’re sat on the sofa and you haven’t had to go and get/walk to the computer.

30 minutes later the pizza arrived. Genius.

Good work Papa Johns. Kudos for choosing to deliver a mobile web ‘app’ rather than the standard iPhone app.

By Ewan

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Domino's has an excellent mobile web version that I use periodically – it even tells you the status of your pizza, i.e. “Brian has just started making your order”, or “Your pizza is currently in the oven”, etc

That, combined with sms coupons (but not enough that I get annoyed by them) works great (and the coupons have a link to the mobile ordering site). Site is

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