Real Men of Genius: Mr Cell Phone Holster Wearer

Kudos to reader David Middleton who pointed this video in my direction. It’s part of the Bud Light tribute to ‘Real Men of Genius’ and focuses on cell phone holster wearers.

Mobile Industry Review is, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, a holster free zone.

Have a watch and do forward to anyone you know who continues to commit the mobile fashion crime of the century…

“Through optimal cellular positioning, you answer calls in under a second. Anything more than that and you might as well be using smoke signals.”


By Ewan

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3 replies on “Real Men of Genius: Mr Cell Phone Holster Wearer”

Hea! No fair! I used to wear a holster for my Treo 650 🙁

Granted I had muscles on my hips like Arnie…then I grew up and got a girlfriend.

And not a shiny suit in sight!

ome on. Is there anyone under 60 who even knows who Dick Tracy is? This is like referencing Lillian Gish or Tom Mix. The only person who would actually use a device like that are 50 year-old virgins with a lifelong tech fetish. That thing is awful.

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