SpinVox Refugees, HulloMail awaits!

Now if you’re one of the thousands about to be left high and dry with a defunct voicemail service after Nuance killed-off SpinVox’s consumer operation (well, it’s almost dead — this Friday it’s switched off), you might like to take a look at HulloMail.

I’ve been using it for a long time and I’m entirely delighted with the service, functionality and concept — it interoperates beautifully with my Google Mail.

Here’s a little more about the service:

The HulloMail visual voicemail service provides messages and missed calls directly to the user’s mobile app, email and/or their My HulloMail online account. In one click, users can instantly play the voicemail, as well as save, forward, archive, delete or even post it onto social media sites or forums as an MP3 file.

HulloMail also allows subscribers to communicate for free by sending ‘Hullos’, which are short, instant messages that enable users to send and receive voice messages without actually having to make a phone call. It has been compared to the voice equivalent of texting or instant messaging.

They’ve got clients for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. And… what’s more, they’re free…

Get stuck in at www.hullomail.com.


  • bamps

    Ewan , what about GotVoice? GotVoice approached me about their service when I tweeted that I was leaving Spinvox. Have you heard / know much of them?


  • I haven't actually used the service Jeremy — certainly give them a bit of time and see what you think?

  • kenblackman

    VoxSciences operates a similar voicemail to text/email transcription service to Spinvox and would welcome any ex Spinvox customers. You can register for a free trial at http://www.voxsci.com

  • MarkW

    I've tried Hullomail, but I must say that, compared to the convenience of transcribed voice mail, it didn't feel like much of a step on. Yes, it's useful and convenient compared to dialling in, but when you've got used to glancing at your screen and understanding the message and whether you need to act on it now, it doesn't offer that much.

    When Spinvox finally annoyed me for the last time I switched to http://www.voxsciences.com, which works just like Spinvox, for about the same price, and has been invaluable. Don't actually know much about them as a company though… Would be interested in other people's comments.

  • MarkW

    Aha! I see Ken beat me to it. Consider my comment a thumbs-up from a satisfied customer.

  • I switched to VoxSciences once I finally decided that I could no longer use SpinVox – it seems to be the same type of service – just better.

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