Transformers Comic hits the iPhone App Store

I caught this press release and thought of you, dear reader.

Well, maybe not you… but there are, I guess, hundreds of Transformers fans reading Mobile Industry Review. I kid ye not. I think it’s a generational thing. I’ll give you an idea of just how fanatical some of you are about Transformers: About 2 years ago, I was in Tesco with some readers. I won’t bore you with *why* I was in Tesco, I just was. One of the chaps with me spied a toy on display out of the corner of his eye. It was a Transformers AutoBot. A piece of plastic.

“Errr,” he said, “I, errr…” and he picked it up.

I looked at him for some kind of explanation.

“I’m, errr, I’m just a big fan,” he said. He bought the toy and then proceeded to educate me in the ways of Transformers. Although it’s ostensibly the subject of a children’s toy range and television programme, there’s apparently a huge backstory that is of significant appeal to science fiction fans around the planet.

So it’s with no small amount of delight, Transformers fans, that I tell you Titan Publishing has released the first of it’s super-smart Comics for iPhone. In this first edition, Transformers author, Simon Furman, gives the exclusive background to the characters in the blockbuster movie, detailing Optimus Prime’s desperate battle with Megatron’s forces.

You remember now, right? Optimus Prime is the goodie. Megatron’s the baddie.

Some screenshots:

And the direct link to the iPhone App Store: Transformers UK

The app is unfortunately only available in the UK and Ireland — plus if you’ve got anything other than an iPhone/iPod (and possibly a Sony PSP), you’re totally and utterly screwed because the developer, like most, is iFascist — i.e. doesn’t care about other mobile platforms. Hopefully that will change in time.

By Ewan

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