Video: James Lamberti of mobile advertising giant, InMobi

If you haven’t heard of InMobi yet, don’t worry. You will. They’re coming. Having already locked up the Far Eastern markets (8 billion mobile impressions a month, 150+ million user reach), InMobi is the biggest mobile marketing giant that you’ve never heard of. If you’re into mobile applications (or websites) in any way, you should definitely check out the range of services InMobi are offering to help developers monetise their properties. We bumped into James Lamberti, their newly appointed Global Marketing Director to find out a little bit more about the company.

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By Ewan

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I'm glad inMobi decided to enter the mobile advertising business, they're very professional, and dynamic. I remember talking with a friend of mine from emi encore back in 2001 about mobile advertising. Before 3G, the GPRS and EDGE mobile internet connections didn't give anybody the impression that mobile phones could be used for advertising, but this field is for those who prepare themselves for the future.

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