Video: Nokia’s Tero Ojanpera on Symbian, Ovi and beyond

At Mobile World Congress, we sat down with Nokia’s Dr Tero Ojanpera, EVP of Services for Nokia, to talk about the company’s strategy with Symbian, Ovi, Maemo/MeeGo and the way ahead.

Here’s the video…

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By Ewan

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4 replies on “Video: Nokia’s Tero Ojanpera on Symbian, Ovi and beyond”

Liked the whole video not sure about voice over man, is he no longer working with Steve Wright in the afternoon?

Am I getting bitter and cynical in my old age?
Was a bit shocking when I donned my headphones to listen to a calm Scandinavian talk about Symbaina and Ovi , suddenly V/O man was booming in my ears (must remember to turn it down before I put the headphones on!)
Perhaps it's a British thing?

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