Why any sane individual with $499 is getting an iPad

If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPad, have a watch of these Apple-made guided tour videos.

I’m having two. Or three.

By Ewan

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13 replies on “Why any sane individual with $499 is getting an iPad”

I wouldn't deny that it looks like a fun device, but honestly I don't have much need for it; when i'm out and about i have my iphone and when i'm at home I have my PC (if I have to go away on business then the work laptop..) I'm personally not seeing the need for the 3rd “in between” category. Not yet, anyway – i'm sure that there will be some more compelling apps in the future (for both this and other similar devices).

Are people buying the ipad because they really need it for something… something it will really improve upon…. or because it would be cool to have one?

I don't really know. I've read about it but haven't seen one to get a good idea of how it might benefit me in the long run. Getting an opportunity to see one up close and interact with one will go a long way to making the decision as to if I get one or not. It will certainly be easier to read things on the iPad than the iTouch.

Aye, even now I'm getting annoyed using my iPhone for 'home' stuff when sat on the sofa, for example. I want a nice big iPad screen!

Yeah, I agree. I would love to have one but I'm not sure I need one. I have a laptop for work stuff and the iphone seems to serve me quite well the rest of the time.

However, I think this could be the future of computing – this is just the first generation.

Sane and no thanks too. It's not really a pocketable device, I'd rather get a normal tablet PC (the Windows/Linux/whatever-you-put-there running one) instead of an enlarged iPhone. It would have been different if the iPad ran OSX, but iPhone OS? Nah 😉

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