CounterPath launches NomadicPBX to deliver end-to-end FMC (“Fixed Mobile Convergence”)

This one caught my attention this morning. CounterPath are launching their NomadicPBX system today at the Emerging Communications Conference. I’ve been reading all about the next frontier in telephony — namely the ageing PBX systems in use by millions of companies around the planet. Most of the PBXs are simply useless beyond allowing folk to dial an extension. And every time you want to change something, you need to get ‘big Barry’ from maintenance to arse around with cables for a whole morning to configure a patch box near your desk.

Here’s some explanatory text from their release this morning:

There is no other application that brings mobile services into the micro-SME, SME or enterprise and does all of the following:

• Pairs the mobile number to one or more SIP devices (plus the mobile phone).
• Leverages the mobile network services and platforms that carriers already have deployed.
• Manages the call control based on presence or end-user direction. For example, a user may select to move the call between the mobile and soft phone (any direction).
• Mashes up the mobile and SIP presence in one solution.

I decided to have a look at the video demonstration of NomadicPBX working and I was suitably impressed. I defy you to watch the video and not feel like you should be using something such as this, rather than the ageing featureless ‘ACME’ system you’re currently using!

I particularly like the way Jim O’Brien demonstrated the various calls/IM/SMS working. I’d like a system like that at Mobile Industry Review.

Do watch the video demonstration — if only to watch Jim using a rather comical (and aptly named) Brick GSM phone mid-way through the demo. It’s been years since I’ve actually seen someone using one. Watch the video here:

It’s about time companies dumped their old rubbish PBXes and upgraded, I think. What kind of PBX have you got deployed at your office?

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