The Meffys: Four days to get your entry in!

I’m judging the Meffys again this year and I’m really looking forward to it. The Meffys, if you haven’t come across them, are run by the Mobile Entertainment Forum to highlight best-in-class mobile entertainment products and services.

Whilst the event is fundamentally about awarding excellence — and winning an award grants substantial kudos — it’s one of those events that I strongly recommend you participate in. The sheer range of calibre people at the awards means that even just being shortlisted will put you on the radar of some highly useful people, not least the array of journalists who’ll be attending. You only have to look down the who’s who on the MEF membership to swiftly recognise this.

There are categories for almost every mobile entertainment related product/service you can think of, but I’d like to draw reader attention to the six new categories for 2010. They are:

Content Discovery & Personalization

Cross-Platform Award

App Store Blockbuster Award

Innovative App Award

M-Commerce Award

Mobile Connected Device Award

I reckon I could name about 10 companies off the top of my head that would suit for each category. I was actually about to start writing out suggestions for companies I’d like to see participate, but that’s not a good idea as I don’t know what I’ll be judging yet.

If you’ve got something that will fit nicely into those categories, get stuck in. (Also, do browse all of the categories)

Entry costs £100 if you’re already an MEF member and £300 if you’re not.

If you are planning on entering, I strongly recommend attaching a link to a Youtube video or even a screencast of your entry because when it comes to deliberations, it can sometimes be really insightful to *see* the product/service in action, not just read about it — especially since so much in the Mobile Entertainment field is visual.

There’s not a moment to lose though. The deadline is this Friday. So there’s still time to do a good job of the entry, but no time to hang around.

Head over to the Meffys site for more information and inspiration. Good luck!

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