Will wonders never cease? Iggy the cat uses an iPad!

I’ve been hearing about this for what seems like days now and I thought it was worth documenting here on the site.

Youtube is filling up with videos of cats getting stuck into the iPad. I kid ye not. What’s even more incredulous is that even they too are immediately understanding how the user interface works. Heh.

Have a watch of this:

And here’s another cat who’s still new to the iPad:

Can you imagine trying to get a cat to interact with a Dell Laptop?

(Via the Telegraph’s Apple iPad proves popular with pets story)

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2 replies on “Will wonders never cease? Iggy the cat uses an iPad!”

Talk about biased. “Even the cat understands the interface”. Cats paw at anything that seems to be moving, it “works” because it´s touch based, but no way the cat would operate the ipad, return to the menu, open whatever app he wanted.
All this pro apple shit and pro ipad has to stop. Now
I don´t want the future of MY computing to be limited. Ipad is simple because it's limited, and that's not a good thing.

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